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ETG Entwicklungs- und Technologie
Gesellschaft mbH Ilmenau
Am Eichicht 1 A
D – 98693 Ilmenau
Telefon: (0 36 77) 4 61 20
Telefax: (0 36 77) 46 12 29

The best way to come to our premises is to take autobahn A71, exit "Ilmenau-Ost". In Ilmenau you will turn left towards Wümbach at the first intersection with traffic lights and exit the roundabout towards the Porzellanwerk.
If you are not travelling on A71, take the federal road "Bundesstraße B87" in Ilmenau in the direction of Weimar or follow the signs to the Globus-Baumarkt. Turn right at the traffic light at the Globus-Baumarkt in the direction of Wümbach (not left to the Baumarkt). You will enter a roundabout which you will exit in the direction of the Porzellanwerk.